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Eleven December 31, 2009

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This is a great book and i would say that it is best for 4th grade and up. Winnie loses her bff  and makes a new one. Has to Deal with Gail the big mean Brat. She has to deal with a cat in the wall right before a party. Every Month there is something big for Winnie. This is a really great book and i will recommend it for 4th grade and up.


vet volunteers

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These books are short and wonderful for pet lovers and people who want to grow up to be a vet when they grow up. All of these books are wonderful and they are one of my favorite series. I love them and cant wait till the next book comes out.

the picture is of the first book Fight for life.


Percy Jackson #1 The Lightning theif

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A magnificent tale about a ADHD and dyslexia kid, Percy. In this story Percy is chased by monsters because he is not just human but he is part you will find out in the story. Percy has to go on amazing and scary Quests. He gets a new best friend Grover which is not human either. I find this adventure addicting and i could not put the book down in till the very last word in the book i read. I highly recommend this book. When i told my brother who is in 2nd grade about it he wanted my dad to read it to him.