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More Pictures of Mother Daughter Book club April 21, 2009

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img_2057img_2058  img_2059                                                                                           some of the family’s from book club


Mother Daughter Book Club

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img_2056Me and My Friends at book club

I started a book club with my friends and their moms. The first book we read was Scat By Carl Hiaasen. Next we are reading Little House in the big woods, one of the Little House on the Prairie books. We meet at a coffee shop every metting or someones house.

Everybody’s mom is/was a teacher. My Mom was a teacher but she is not any more.

I read the Little House on the Prairie books when I was little with my Dad. I own the hole series. 

I hope you read the series or read it again.I think Laura Ingalls Wilder did an good job writing her books. I hope you start your own Book club.


Scat April 20, 2009

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scatNick and Marta have one very mean biology teacher Mrs. Starch. There are lots of rumors going around about Mrs. Starch. Mrs. Starch made a student write a report when they throw up! Duane Scrod Jr. got embarrassed so he bit and ate Mrs. Starch’s pencil. Mrs. Starch scheduled a field trip to the black vine swamp. Nick and Marta were in the same group on the field trip. When they are in the swamp they here a animal cry. Then they see an figure moving threw the swamp. Then a wild fire breaks out and all the students rush to the bus. Libby  drops here medicine back in the swamp. Mrs. Starch goes back in the swamp to get it she says she will meet them back at the school but she dose not come back. I love this book and it will be an good red aloud.


A new Piper Reed April 9, 2009

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p_iper-reed-gets-a-jobA new Piper Reed is coming out in August! Its called Piper Reed Gets A Job!


The Runaway Dolls March 30, 2009

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51vkstjpnl_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-dptopright12-18_sh30_ou01_aa115_1Have not red this book but is in the doll people series.


The Meanest doll in the world

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Awesome book that girls and boys will read and will love. Great read aloud for any class room. This is a book that has awesome Characters and it describes the character very good. I do not think firsts grade and under will find this a great book they will find it confusing. you will find the beging confusing if you did not read the first book.


                                                  AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Doll people March 14, 2009

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51vdbr6208l_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-dptopright12-18_sh30_ou01_aa115_I just finished for my book bistro                                                                                                                    

in class. OK to get to the book Anabelle                                                                          

Is a doll who took the oath in the place she                                       

was made. My favorite character is Tiffany                                     

and Auntie Sarah! I don’t think boys would

like this book.:(