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Alvin Ho. Allergic to School, girls, and Other scary things February 4, 2009

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Have you ever meet a boy or read about a boy who is almost afraid of EVERYTHING! Well if you read this book you will have . Well Alvin Ho. is a boy who is afraid of everything and is half …………… FIRECRACKER MAN! One of Alvin’s favorite things to do is dig holes and carve sicks to dig holes with. Alvin has a brother, and a sister their names are Anibelly and Calvin. Alvin is an asian american. Alvin loves to play ball (trow baseballs) with his gunggung. But on the first day of school everything changed he could talk on the bus but not at school. Alvin’s favorite things to do at school is read, play at recess, and show (really show and tell but Alvin can not tell). Alvin’s father likes “curse” (not really) and Alvin dose also.


Mr. Popper’s Penguins January 28, 2009

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21ycte9ozgl_sl500_aa148_Do you want to hear a story about a man who is in love with penguins. Then this the right book for you! Mr. Popper reads tons of books about the Antarctic’s. One night Mr. Popper turned on the _____ and _______ _____ talks to him then a surprise comes in the mail. Read the book.